“A world-wide network of evangelists of every race, nationality and language, united in one goal,
winning the world for Jesus.”





A word from Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, Co – Chair of GEA.

In the past evangelists were seen as lone rangers who where unwilling (or perhaps unable to work together.) This is changing in our day and indeed it must change if we are to see this great and end time Harvest reaped. I have had experiences in Africa when we needed to move crusade dates or venues because other evangelists were in the same place at the same time. We were on each other’s toes because of a lack of communication. But the world is a huge place, and there is no reason we should be tripping over each other in the same places while other places are neglected. Imagine if, rather than interfering with one another, we actually began to work together, energizing our efforts and resources for an even greater impact!

Also, my experience evangelists, are often lonely. Evangelists need community just like everyone else. They need a community to belong to, and colleagues to encourage them and hold them accountable.

This is where “collaboration” comes into play. Global Evangelist Alliance is a network that is committed to collaboration.

Working together and drawing from our combined experience and insight, I’m convinced this will become one of the most fruitful networks in the world.

What is GEA?

Global Evangelist Alliance

Imagine a world-wide network of hundreds of thousands of trustworthy men and women, young and old – of every race, nationality and language – united in one goal – winning the world for Jesus.

Imagine being able to find people just like you – who are passionate about evangelism – from anywhere in the world

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The Full Bundle Includes:

Exclusive Member access : 4+ hours of ALL video content from the NextGen Conference online
Special Edition e-Book : As The Waters Cover The Sea by Dr. Billy Wilson and Dr. Vinson Synan
30 Day e-Devotional : A Daily Devotional for Supernatural Impact with lessons from Global Leaders

Global Impact

Global Network Regions are in place:

Canada, USA, Hispanics in the USA, Caribbean, Latin America, West Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East/ N. Africa, India, Asia (China and the Orient), Africa, French Speaking Africa, Brazil.

Our Leaders


Daniel Kolenda

GEA Co-Chair
Jean-Luc Trachsel

GEA Co-Chair
Nathan Morris
Daniel King
Todd White
LaDonna Osborn
Joe Oden
Rubens Cunha
Michael Koulianos
Siegfried Tomazsewski

GEA Director
Daniela Freidzon Mccabe
Mikel French
Nick Hall
Travis Holownia
Jeri Hill
Mattheus van der Steen
Russell Benson
Teo Hayashi
Kevin Palau
Bernie Moore
Anne Christiansen
Stephan Christiansen
Ron Luce
Ben Fitzgerald
Donna Schambach
Chris Overstreet
Andy Byrd
Mac Barnes
Brian Brennt
Annanius Ralekholela

Benefits for G.E.A. Members

  • A standing invitation to the Annual GEA Global Congress and E21 Global Congress
  • Access to the GEA Evangelism Masterclass (for ongoing training)
  • Free monthly webinars featuring relevant workshops for evangelists
  • Access to our extensive GEA Ministry Calendar
  • Access to the Global Evangelist Alliance Collaboration App
  • An open door for ongoing collaboration with other GEA members
  • Authorization to use the GEA logo, which will lend to increased credibility and a notable affiliation
  • Continuing education through our GEA Partnership Schools*

*(The GEA Partnership Schools are schools of evangelism endorsed by the GEA. They exist all over the world, and are highly effective in training and equipping evangelists.)

Apply Now

If you are a Mass Crusade Evangelist, Itinerant Evangelist, Aspiring Evangelist, Lay Evangelist, Vocational Evangelist, Missionary, Self-Identifying
Evangelist, or just have a passion to reach the lost, men and women, you are welcome to apply for membership.

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Evangelism Masterclass



E21 Launches Historic Global Evangelist Alliance

Evangelists from around the world and various Spirit-empowered denominations and ministries gathered in Johannesburg, South Africa to launch the Empowered21 Global Evangelist Alliance (GEA), chaired by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, President and CEO of Christ for the Nations.

How Every Person Could Encounter the Holy Spirit by Pentecost 2033

Leaders for whom evangelism is their primary call to ministry met to strategize ways the Global Evangelist Alliance (GEA) can continue spreading the message of Jesus Christ around the world. The gathering was part of the annual meeting of Empowered21.

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